Updated Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse makes its way to North America retail stores


razer-ouroborosWe have seen the Razer Ouroboros in the past, but as with any hardware, even though it is considered to be the “best” there is in the market, having an updated version would make plenty of sense, as the hardware will still need to keep up with the times. I guess you can say this about the Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse, which is now available for purchase in North America. Just what kind of goodies does the menacing looking Razer Ouroboros come with right out of the box? We are looking at a highly customizable gaming mouse, sporting fully customizable ergonomics so that you can configure it to fit your hand comfortably, regardless of your hand shape, size or grip-style.

Apart from that, the mouse can also be custom configured using the adjustable arched palm rest according to the angle that you are most comfortable with. Looking more like something from the distant future, the Razer Ouroboros will also boast of a retractable back panel which can be set to any one of three positions, in addition to a quartet of interchangeable side panels, now how about that for a truly unique gaming mouse?

The Razer Ouroboros will make use of a cutting-edge 8200 dpi 4G laser sensor that is capable of accurately calibrating the mouse regardless of the surface, where it will also be able to provide improved tracking responsiveness as well as enabling users to customize lift-off tracking, creating precision control. Not only that, it comes with wireless capabilities that will feature 1000 Hz Ultrapolling between mouse and computer, where it makes sure that a user’s actuations will be instantly translated in a game so that you need not blame unresponsive hardware for your gaming failure, ever again. When working in its wireless mode, the Razer Ouroboros will run on a single rechargeable AA battery that is said to be able to last for at least a dozen hours of non-stop gaming action before requiring a recharge. The asking price for the Razer Ouroboros? $149.99 a pop.

Product Page via Press Release

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