R/C Space Messenger delivers messages from the great beyond


rc-space-messengerDo you believe that we are not alone? If you have answered in the negative, but know of someone who is adamant that we are not alone in the universe, then you might want to have some fun with him or her with the $39.99 R/C Space Messenger. Yes sir, the R/C Space Messenger happens to be a remote controlled toy that will hover in the air, lighting up while depicting the message that you have programmed prior. Each R/C Space Messenger will have a 20 word memory with a maximum of seven letters per word, and you can opt to advance through the words at will, or opt to cycle the entire list using the “auto” function.

This definitely makes it the ideal device for you to deliver a message from afar, and imagine trying to calm down an angry spouse simply because you failed in your responsibilities yet again, perhaps this gentle approach might work well from a distance. After all, it does have its endearing qualities, no? The seven LEDs on the outside arms will get the job done, with 2 blue colored ones for the border, and another 5 red LEDs for text, using the persistence of vision phenomena to send the message across. Meant for indoor use only, the R/C Space Messenger is powered by an internal Li-Polymer battery that is charged via the controller, which in turn is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

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