Monster Water Cannon adds some fun to those poolside sessions


monster-water-cannonI am quite sure that by now, just about every single kid as well as their parents would know of this particular brand called “Super Soakers”. You know, these are the high powered water pistols – nay, water cannons that have plenty of range, although the amount of ammunition that you are able to carry does not amount to much since Super Soakers tend to use up its ammunition at a crazy fast rate. How you wish you could just enter some sort of secret code and get unlimited ammunition, no? I believe that there is a solution to this quandary – in the form of the $37.99 Monster Water Cannon.

This Monster Water Cannon is touted to be the ultimate water gun for the ultimate water fight, where it has enough “bite” to blast away anyone who dares come near you – just make sure that your aim is spot on to boot. The included tripod makes it look all the more menacing, not to mention helping deliver a far more precise shot. It will have virtually unlimited ammunition, since it is connected directly to any household garden hose, and with a range of more than 100 feet, you will be able to repel your enemies from a distance. Should they somehow manage to get past your shots, just detach it from the tripod and carry it with you.

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