Bird Photo Booth takes the hard work out of photographing birds



Photography used to be a hard hobby (or profession) to get into. If you wanted to take even decent pictures, you had to spend a good bit of money on equipment and lenses, and then there were the development costs to think of. But these days, almost everyone is carrying a decent camera with them at all times, and there are tons of (relatively) inexpensive solutions for achieving difficult shots. One particularly difficult subject to shoot is a bird. You’ll either need a great lens for shooting them from a safe distance, or truly understand the meaning of patience. That, or get clever.

The Bird Photo Booth is probably the most clever way to take pictures of birds that I’ve seen. After all, what is the one place you can guarantee that you’ll always find birds? A bird feeder. So the idea is to put a camera next to the feeder, so you can snap great, close-up pictures while your feathered friends come in for a bite to eat.

Designed to look like one of the original Polaroid cameras, this device features mounts for either an iPhone, iPod Touch, or GoPro camera, and a macro lens. Then, you can use any WiFi-enabled device to watch, and capture pictures at the perfect moment. You can even use FaceTime to talk to the birds, if that’s your thing. The Bird Photo Booth will set you back $150, and you’ll need to supply the bird feed and camera.

Source: GeekAlerts

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