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It happened again last night. My family and I were just sitting down to dinner, when a telemarketer called. Evidently, we had won an all expenses paid trip to Florida, (yeah right) but at that moment, all I really wanted to do was eat. While I struggled to decide between my steak and the Sunshine State, I just angrily hung up the phone. Is there no way to get rid of these guys for good?

It seems like there might be, and soon. Check out Call Control Home, a new device that has folks talking (just not on the phone at dinnertime!) Call Control Home is a small device that simply plugs into your home telephone and blocks your unwanted telemarketing, and even those pesky robocalls automatically.

Call Control has a bunch of useful features that help it stand out from the call blockers of the past, including the ability to automatically update spam call lists, send specific calls to voicemail or just disconnect them, keep your phone from ringing at certain times, and Call Control even gives you the ability to set up a personal blacklist, allowing you to block bill collectors, your mother-in law, and your loser ex boyfriend.

Call Control has nifty web and app interfaces that make managing your personal lists and settings a simple task and it’s quick to install on most phone systems, and having just one will bring peace to your entire home, or business. Call Control Home is a Kickstarter project that deserves a look. So head on over to and for around 50 bucks you can be one of the first to experience dinner, uninterrupted. Now can you please pass the peas?

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