Teksta puppy delivers all the cuteness minus the mess


teksta-puppyI am quite sure that many parents would have gone through this particular phase before – where their little ones have been clamoring for a puppy, and when the doe-eyed kids finally got their wish, it would be the parents who would have to do all the cleaning up and training of said puppy, while the kids just feed and play with it without a care in the world. Now, something bionic is definitely different from the actual, living, breathing organism, but there are times in life when a compromise can be reached, and I believe that the £59.99 Teksta puppy is one of those moments.

The Teksta comes across as an adorable life-like robotic puppy which is capable of responding to your voice, physical gestures, lights and sounds. Don’t you think that it sounds pretty much like one of those Aibos from Sony a long, long time ago? Specially engineered to include state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Tekstas’ toyetic interaction offers many emotions – barking, crying, whimpering, and expressive eye patterns, allowing you to know just how it feels. In fact, when the sun goes down, Teksta will fall asleep, but will be more than happy to greet you upon sunrise. It has more than 100 physical and interactive play features, ensuring you would not get bored of it – too soon, at least.

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John Says: August 22, 2013 at 6:12 am

I am a proud owner of this puppy, infact one of the early ones to buy as I really love Dogs but my apartment is not pet safe 🙁 Though this electronic pup is an ideal substitute for a real one it has its disadvantages. You have to train it well and know the gestures to have an awesome time. It took me two weeks to reach there and now I am loving it 🙂 Hoping to see its impact during Christmas.

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