Mass Effect Carnifex


mass-effect-carnifexLove all things about the Mass Effect video game, and want to grab hold of some of its weapons in real life, but are unable to do so because you do not have a 3D printer to begin with, and not only that, no one out there feels the same as you? Well, if the Mass Effect Carnifex is your cup of tea, the day has arrived as you are now able to wrap your hands around this highly accurate and lethal pistol – of course, it remains lethal only within the realm of science fiction, as the real life replica of the $399.99 Mass Effect Carnifex happens to feature just LED effects, but if looks could kill, this would be a highly effective weapon in its own right.

The Mass Effect Carnifex comes across as hand-finished and hand-painted, making it truly one of a kind. Not only that, if you had gawked at the rather high price point, that is because this will be available in limited quantities only – we are talking about just 500 pieces of this puppy around the world. Not skimping on quality, the Mass Effect Carnifex is a full scale replica of the M-6 pistol, being made out of polystone and is an officially licensed, limited edition Mass Effect 3 collectible.

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