Building Block Aircraft Carrier


building-block-acIn this day and age, despite the massive advancements made in warfare, having an aircraft carrier as part of your military power is still a crucial element. After all, no country is large enough to be able to have military bases placed all over the world so that they can respond to threats in the shortest time possible, which is why an aircraft carrier is such an important element to project your power across the seven seas. Isn’t 70% of the earth covered in water, anyways? Just to underline the importance of the aircraft carrier in any navy to your little one, you might want to start him or her young with the $299.95 Building Block Aircraft Carrier.

This happens to be the building block kit which creates a 44″ long aircraft carrier that will be able to be the king of the seas – at least in a playroom. Building it is no mean feat, as life for the aircraft carrier starts off in a mock dry dock on a table or floor thanks to a detailed instruction guide which will let you know how to put together all 3,016 colored pieces in order to make up the streamlined hull, overhanging deck, and island. Heck, the Building Block Aircraft Carrier itself even comes with nine jet aircraft that are supported by an ammunition truck which will carry various ordnances that can be snapped under the wings of each jet. On the detailed deck, you will find a ski-slope ramp for speedier take-offs, working jet blast deflectors, and point defense weaponry which take up their positions on port and starboard sides. Heck, I’d want one for myself, too!

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