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defenderpadBefore I start off this particular story, let me run a quick poll by you. How many of you out there actually use your laptop in the way where it was named, that is, on your lap itself? Unless you do a whole lot of commuting and absolutely need to bust out that laptop all the time to get your work done (you busy bee, you!), I would wager that for the rest of us who do our work on our laptops, we would more often than not be sitting comfortably at our desks in the office, or perhaps working at a local Starbucks – which would still mean that your laptop remains on your desk and not your lap. Well, for the smaller crowd who seems to work with their laptops on their respective laps all the time, have you ever wondered about how the heat and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) will affect your health adversely, if ever? Paranoid androids might want to check out the DefenderPad laptop shield then if they have answered in the affirmative earlier.

Icaro Innovations’ DefenderPad laptop shield is capable of performing a “Bella” (quick reference to Twilight here), that is, being a “shield” that will block both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and heat. Since students are about to head back to school soon, the DefenderPad laptop shield is now 15% more affordable for students. It delivers its very own brand of protective technology, and when merged with its slim and stylish design, it would be an ideal replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads – all the while ensuring that the particular student remains protected from any kind of DNA damage, skin burns and rashes, and of course on a more serious note, reproductive issues later in life.

Proudly made in the USA, the DefenderPad has been proven to block just about all harmful radiation as confirmed by independent FCC certified lab tests, where you can pick it up for $89.99 a pop before discount in black, blue and pink shades.

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  1. I use my laptop on my lap all the time. If you travel a lot like I do (I’m a consultant) it’s almost a necessity. And when I’m at home I sit on my couch and do work while I watch TV.

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