iPad Musical Shower Curtain

ipad-shower-curtainI have heard of musical chairs before, but for the most of us out there, musical chairs refer to a game that we used to play as a kid – although sometimes that could be used to describe the political situation in an office these days. How about musical shower curtains? Now that is something different, and the $49.95 iPad Musical Shower Curtain is not something that you sit down on and change each time the music stops, but rather, it will feature integrated speakers as well as a waterproof pocket for you to place your iPad inside.

This would definitely be able to transform an ordinary shower session into a truly entertaining session. Since the pocket zips would be closed from the outside, it will ensure that the iPad within would be safe from moisture, while sporting an integral audio cable that will hook up to an iPad, iPhone, Android-powered phone, or MP3 player to the couple of speakers in the upper left and right corners of the curtain. The side of the pocket that faces the shower is made out of a touch-enabled material so that you will be able to retain your ability to stop and start media, navigate through different screens and even handle a call if the need arises. The iPad Musical Shower Curtain will be powered by a trio of AA batteries.