Leash Plus brings an update to the good ol’ leash


leash-plusDo you treat your dog as your best friend? After all, don’t you think that man’s best friend deserves your very best, too? Leaving Fido chained to the fence is definitely no fun, and you’re better placing him in a home that loves him if that is the case. For those of us who treat our dogs as furkids, we would know that giving them adequate exercise is extremely important for them to burn up their mental energy, and this is where having a good quality leash comes in handy – so that your dog would not get hurt, and neither will your hand should Fido suddenly dash forward. The $18.99 Leash Plus might be something worth looking into, as it is not only stylish and practical, but has been deemed to be “puppy-approved” to boot.

Thanks to a revolutionary design that has been applied to the Leash Plus, it will include a pop-up water bowl, a storage bin for food or treats, a baggie receptacle with waste bags thrown into the mix to get you started right away, a LED safety flashlight that is powered by a trio of AAA batteries, an LCD clock with date and time so that you know it is time to head back home, and a locking button for the 16 foot retractable leash. Choose from Midnight, Yellow/Green, Plum and Blue colors, although you would do well to pack an extra bottle of water as well as treats separately as you can never quite tell just when these will come in handy.

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