Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab


iron-man-arc-reactorSo, you might not be a very good scientist, and neither are you a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but at the very least, you have $29.99 in your pockets or bank account to pick up the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab from Thinkgeek, right? Bring to life your aspiring desire to be the fictional Tony Stark (of course, one does wonder, would Tony Stark win a battle against Bruce Wayne?) with this Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab, where it has been described to be a science kit for little Tony Stark wannabes. Boasting of two dozen different combinations of chips, it even comes with a nightlight mode with a display stand – you know, to scare away monsters from under the bed or inside the closet.

This will definitely bring the creativity level of your wee ones to the next level. After all, leaving them with a box of scraps will see them create something with enough time, all thanks to the wonders of their imagination despite their limited physical resources. This Arc Reactor is not going to power your home anytime soon, but rebuilding it in different ways would result in different light and power effects, how cool is that? Each Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab purchase would be accompanied by an educational poster that ties Iron Man to real world science, and a trio of AAA batteries are required to power this thing.

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