Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine

motorhead-sacrifice-wineNormally, one would not associate a rock band with wine, as the latter is more often than not reserved for more, er, “refined” music, but beer – I think most folks would be able to resonate with beer and Motorhead going together. Still, there are always exceptions to any rule, and the same can be said of the £29.99 Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine. What looks like a classic guitar amplifier is actually a box of wine, carrying up to 3 liters of rich and fruity Vintage Shiraz.

The legendary English rock band has had an extremely illustrious career that spanned nearly 40 years, having shifted more than 30 million albums along the way. So, in order to celebrate Motorhead’s achievements if you are a real fan of theirs, how about picking up the Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine? It was specially modeled to resemble a classic guitar amplifier that boasts of their now familiar snaggle-toothed logo, although purists might be rather sad to see the controversial phallic tongue missing, with it paying homage to their last album that featured the late guitarist, Würzel. The wine inside has been described to carry a fruity aroma with notes of blackberry and blackcurrant, vanilla and fine licorice, in addition to a slightly peppery overtone.

Lemmy himself wrote in the album sleeve notes, “Put it in your system and your girlfriend’s clothes fall off.” Hmmm, interesting side effect, no?