Arcade Shooter Pool Arcade


arcade-shooter-pool-arcadeBack when you were a wee lad, and your parents brought you to the carnival that has rolled into town, I am quite sure that all the lights, sounds, smells and colorful characters there captivated your attention, turning you into a wide-eyed kid with a wide open jaw. One of the games there that you would most probably have given a go would have been the classic carnival squirt gun race, and in order to relive the good old days, how about picking up the $42.99 Arcade Shooter Pool Arcade?

After all, it is the summer for those of you living in the northern hemisphere, so frolicking by the beach or at the poolside would definitely be part of your agenda. In fact, while you are in there, why not bust open the Arcade Shooter Pool Arcade and have some fun, while becoming a kid all over again? Show the world that your water gun skills have not gone to shot by being the first to shoot all the balls out of the tube. Do bear in mind that this is not a lifesaving device, so if your kids are going to have fun with it, do supervise them at all times. If your lung power ain’t too hot, then a foot pump would definitely come in more handy than ever before.

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