Thor Lightning Energy Hammer


thor-energy-hammerI am quite sure that the legions of fans of what Marvel Studios has done with their comic book franchises will be looking forward to the arrival of the Thor sequel, where it will be known as The Dark World. The Norse god of Thunder, Thor, has been reunited with Mjolnir, the mystical uru hammer that cannot be lifted by anyone other than the one who is worthy to wield it. However, everything has its price, which is why for just $24.99, you will be able to pick up the Thor Lightning Energy Hammer. Sure, it might not be the actual Mjolnir, but at the very least you could get your imagination going, can’t you?

The Thor Lightning Energy Hammer will be able to flash with light and sound of its own, but you are able to add your very own vocal sound effects if you wish to do so, letting out the inner child in you along the way. It might not be able to cut down Frost Giants with impunity, but it does double up as a metal detector, sporting a light-up display base with an energy charge coin that bears Thor’s emblem. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries instead of magic, any kid worth his or her salt would definitely want to have this by their bedside table – and some adults too, I believe.

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