Knock Knock? iDoor Cam lets You Know Who’s There


I’m a very private person. I never answer my door unless I knew you were coming. I figure it this way, it just takes a phone call to let me know you want to stop by, and if you’re my friend you know I’m simply not one of those folks you can just drop in on because you were “in the neighborhood”. That being said, I’m still curious about whose out there knocking, and I always feel a little weird peeping through my own drapes.

Well, peep no more! Check out the iDoor Cam, made just for your iOS, the iDoor not only lets you see who it is waiting out there for you, but you can hear them, and even talk to them via your iOS device, and never even have to move out of your favorite chair. iDoor replaces your current door bell, connects to your WiFi and will alert your device when someone “rings your bell” then you decide to answer, or just keep doing what you’re doing. The best part? An associated app allows you to answer your door on the fly… so you’ll even know when packages arrive or your Girl Scout Cookies are in.

With the iDoor, you never have to miss out seeing someone you wanted to catch up with, but you can avoid the vacuum cleaner salesman and the pesky neighbor who always wants to borrow something. Made in America and weather proof, iDoor Cam is WiFi enabled and encrypted and allows screen shots, or recordings of your door activity and the patented motion, infared, webcam and cellular technology broadcast directly to your mobile devices, day or night. Watch the movie, then pre-order the iDoor Cam at for well under 150 bucks, and watch for Android coming soon.

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    • Hi Eman – The iDoor Cam is around 150 dollars and can be purchased by following the indiegogo link at the end of my post! Thanks.

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