HypnoSquare could help calm you down


hypnosquareEvery work desk or work space needs its very own share of accessories and decoration, as it reflects who you are to the outside world. Of course, while the more humorous among us might have something that is more crude than normal, others would want a soothing presence – it could be a row of kinetic balls, a picture, or how about this $129.99 HypnoSquare? The HypnoSquare happens to be an electronic light display which is capable of mesmerizing onlookers using a never-ending cycle of colors and patterns. You can see its “magic” work by turning it on, and the 64 color-changing LEDs will get to work right away, creating a tranquil and hypnotic spectacle.

Not only that, it is not just all one way traffic, since you are able to make full use of its playback controls in order to change the visualizations as well as vary the speeds, or for those who are not too interested in controlling people or things, just leave it alone to run on its own, as it delivers a continuous, calming effect. The HypnoSquare comes in a 8″ x 8″ color-changing display that is encased in a lacquered black wood frame, where it is capable of producing 4,096 colors thanks to its 64 RGB (color changing) LEDs. There are 60+ distinct visualizations and 10+ transition effects to choose from, but unfortunately, it does not run on an internal battery, but will need to be plugged into an AC outlet.

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