Have a pill text your doctor from within


bandaid-smartYou might think that you are smart and know how to take care of your health, but in a surprising statistic that was shown off by folks over at the World Health Organisation (WHO), it seems that approximately 50% of us fail to take medicines correctly, and slightly more than 50% of drugs have been prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately. That certainly does not sound too good, don’t you think so? After all, inappropriate sales or prescription of drugs could result in horrifying consequences for patients, and it will also cost healthcare providers millions every single year. Perhaps this is where technology is able to step in and help, and a tablet which is smart enough to text or tweet you when it enters your stomach might be the solution.

This definitely sounds as though it remains within the realm of science fiction, but far from it – Proteus could prove to be the next medical breakthrough that humanity is going to fall in love with and celebrate. Named after the microscopic vessel which ventured within the human body in the cult 1960s movie Fantastic Voyage, the Proteus happens to be an ingestible sensor, and the key to it working is the fact that it can be embedded in a tablet, functioning in pretty much the same way as that of a potato battery.

Your stomach acid happens to be the ionic fluid required to create enough voltage so that the sensor will come into life, which in turn, communicates with a small plaster-shaped patch that is worn by the patient, and this particular patch is capable of tracking vital signs, movement and sleep. As for the patch itself, it will be able to send whatever data it received to an app that resides on the cloud, and this information can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or PC, being set to send an alert to family, caregivers or healthcare professionals so that folks around the patient can rest easy, knowing that the pills have been swallowed. The more paranoid folks might think of it as a way for the government to keep track of you…


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