iPhone 5 Polycarbonate Wallet

polycarbonate-walletIt is not every single day that we come across an iPhone case that is different from the rest, and this particular puppy, the $34.95 iPhone 5 Polycarbonate Wallet happens to not only provide your iPhone 5 with an adequate amount of protection against knocks, scratches, and even soften the blow should your sweaty palms happen to let it slip from your grip, but it also comes with the added storage space for you to stash away some cash, credit cards, and even identification documents.

Sporting a hinged back, the case will open up for you to put away your earthly “treasures”, and would come in handy just in case of an emergency, especially when your wallet is stolen and all you have left is your iPhone 5. Not only that, the compartment itself will snap shut for secure, hidden storage, and will come with an integrated mirror. It is made out of hard shell polycarbonate which offers a decent level of impact resistance and a rubberized coating which will pave the way for a confident grip. The compartment door itself can also double up as a stand should you decide to use your iPhone 5 as a movie playback device.