Tiger develops fast boiling kettle


electric-kettleWhen it comes to having your afternoon tea, or mixing your favorite hot beverage, getting enough hot water to do the job well (especially when there are unexpected guests who drop by unannounced) can be quite tricky. Sure, some of us do have those fancy electric hot pots – which hold a couple of liters of water at best, keeping them warm all the time, but surely that would end up being a fire hazard for those paranoid androids out there, especially when you are not at home for long stretches of time. How about boiling water with a kettle on your stove? Now that’s the way to get things done, but since we live in an instant culture that wants instant results, Tiger Corp. decided to come up with a steam-less electric kettle which will also boast of the industry’s fastest speed (approximately 45 seconds) when it comes to boiling a cup of water (about 140mL). Now, is that fast, or is that fast?

This particular kettle would be the latest model of Tiger’s “Electric Kettle Wakuko”, and it does not emit a single bit of steam to the outside of the kettle. Known as “PCH-G” if model numbers are your cup of tea, this particular kettle will be released at the beginning of September, and thanks to an extremely short boiling time, the overall amount of power consumption is also reduced along the way. How is this made possible?

Well, the boiling time (which can be counter from turning on the switch to the automatic stop of the boiling) could be reduced through the use of Tiger’s “print heater,” which comes with a new structure, and it will lower the amount of time required to detect a boiling state. A similar amount of power required for boiling a cup of water is around 22% smaller, if one were to compare it with the company’s previous product (PCH-A, which was manufactured in 2012), thanks to the reduction of the boiling time and detection time. This sure sounds like something all modern homes should come with.


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