Lazyglasses – because everyone deserves a break once in a while


lazy-glassesDo you think that people read less these days? I am referring to the fact that we seem to have become a fast paced society, so much so that everything needs to be delivered instantly – and news is read in bite sized chunks, which means anything you write online will need to capture the attention of the reader right from the get go, all the while maintaining a level of accuracy and professionalism. Well, for the rest of us who prefer to get our reading done as a form of relaxation, fret not – Thinkgeek’s here to save the day with the $15.99 Lazyglasses, which is a reading accessory that sports special mirrored lenses, and the text can be read at -90 degrees, now how about that?

Crafted from a soft-touch plastic, the Lazyglasses will let you lie down flat on your back, allowing you to be as comfortable as you want to be, while watching TV at your feet. If you want to use your computer while lying down, that can also be arranged, since both your keyboard and mouse will remain upright, all the while you are prone. The Lazyglasses is definitely something which lets you relax, kick back and enjoy all the while without hurting your neck or your back.

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