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ezoomIt is rather alarming to learn that according to the CDC, the leading cause of death for teenagers in the US happen to be motor vehicle accidents. It is said that on a per-mile basis, drivers who are aged from 16 to 19 have three times more propensity to be involved in a fatal crash compared to those who are aged 20 and higher. Fatal accidents are one thing, there are also tens of thousands who are injured every year in vehicle accidents. While parents and driving schools do all they can to prepare their teen drivers to drive safely, equipping them with education and driving tips, they will still need to let their once little ones “fly”, which is why a device like the eZoom makes perfect sense – it allows parents to keep tabs on teen drivers using advanced GPS technology.

The eZoom happens to be a lightweight, multi-use GPS tracker complete with a compact, waterproof design. You can clip it to a keychain, or have it permanently installed in a vehicle for real-time tracking, location history and speed monitoring. Apart from that, parents too, are able to establish speed limits for their teen driver, in addition to receiving email and text message alerts each time the limit is exceeded. Parents will also be able to breathe easier when they receive alerts as teens arrive at and leave different destinations. Alternatively, parents can remotely arm a stationary vehicle with the mobile app, receiving notifications if the car moves – so that they know whether their kids have snuck out or not.

Teen drivers can can also do their bit by checking in so that their parents know each time they have arrived safely with but a single press of a button that will send a location alert. The eZoom will play nice with an Apple, Android or BlackBerry app or online dashboard, letting parents view their teen driver’s location in real time thanks to advanced assisted-GPS tracking, while receiving turn-by-turn directions that are accurate to within 15 yards. Not only that, to prevent any Hansel & Gretel incidences down the road, the eZoom will also come with a breadcrumb trail which provides vehicle location history.

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