BrewBit Model-T keeps your homebrew at the perfect temperature



After a long week at work, many people enjoy sitting down with a nice cold beer. And for the most part, it’s not hard for someone to find one that they like. However, what if you’re after a unique taste? Sure, there are plenty of microbrews out there that seem to cover every flavor imaginable, but now it’s become increasingly popular for people to brew their own beer. If you’ve taken up this hobby, you’ll understand that there are many factors that go into getting the perfect brew. To achieve perfection, it helps to have technology on your side.

The BrewBit Model-T Wireless Temperature Controller helps you tackle one of the biggest issues with home brewing. To get that perfect flavor, you’re going to need to have consistent temperatures in your fermentation and mash. The device is simple, and only takes a few quick steps to setup. Just plug it in, plug in your heater or cooler (or both), and then plug in your probe. Set the temperature you want, using the touchscreen, and you’re ready to go. You’ll also be able to login and control the device wirelessly, and program special functions like slowly increasing or decreasing the temperature over a set amount of time. You’ll also get detailed logs of the exact temperatures that have been recorded during your brewing process.

The creators have decided to make both the hardware and software open-source, and release an API. That means if you want to put it to other uses, or add your own additional functionality, you’ll have all of the tools necessary to do so. You can get your own BrewBit Model-T by pledging $160 to the Kickstarter fund. Unfortunately they won’t be shipping until March of next year.

Source: OhGizmo


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