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Its amazing how much things evolve and develop in the tech world. How quickly yesterday’s “oh wow!” becomes “so-what?” Even the same items can become cooler, more option filled and easier to use. Case in point? Check out the i’m Watch, sure we’ve reported on it before, but its changed into something else, a bit more versatile, and much more stylish. Welcome to the next generation…

The i’m Watch let’s you leave your phone in your pocket and still brings you all kinds of communication and entertainment availability right there on your wrist. i’m Watch actually exchanges info with your smartphone so you will always know who’s calling, who left a message, read your texts, check on e-mail and, with tons of specialty apps, you also have games and music along with applications that are useful in both your business and social settings.

The software that controls the new generation i’m Watch takes a bit of  the best technologies and melds them together. Now, with a single gesture, you can open and close your applications, receive your (very important) social networking updates and read your e-mails. You can reject calls with a simple shake of the wrist, and, if you walk away from your actual phone, an alarm will sound to let you know. Pretty handy.

So if a mini organizer that you wear on your wrist that can remind you of your appointments, tell you the weather, play you music, give you real time Facebook updates, can communicate with your phone and tells you the time, sounds like fun to you, check out the next generation i”m Watch. Available in all kinds of new colors and materials, starting at around 300 bucks. See imsmart.com to buy it, or just to learn more.

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RU Says: August 20, 2013 at 3:30 am

It not so easy to talk about next generation because display size play important role. We are determined by physics.If we want smaller smart-phones, we need to rethink control problem.

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