SurfSound-PLAY waterproof speaker from Pyle Audio

surfsoundHow is your summer so far, for those of you who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, anyways? Is it all fun in the sunshine, and what kind of trips have you embarked upon with your family and friends, or heck, even done some solo adventuring? Well, other than good food on your travels, it is obvious that having the right kind of music can also help put you into the mood – as music is food for the soul. The thing is, not all consumer electronics devices were created equal, and that includes speakers and smartphones, which is why Pyle Audio has embarked on something which is slightly different – the SurfSound-PLAY waterproof speaker which we will describe in greater detail right after the jump.

Pyle Audio made their name as a manufacturer of outdoor recreational sports gear and home, car and pro audio equipment, which is why the SurfSound-PLAY waterproof speaker delivers something out of the ordinary. It happens to be a lightweight, user-friendly speaker case which is capable of delivering the full functionality of connected devices without batting an eyelid. Imagine taking your iPod, an old school MP3 player, or even a modern day smartphone and transforming it into a portable waterproof audio device. That would certainly lift your spirits when you are getting a nice, balanced tan on the beach, and want something other than the awful techno music which is being filtered over by the hotel’s speakers. Why not share your eclectic musical taste with the other guests instead?

Apart from playing back music alone, the SurfSound-PLAY case is also full well capable of handling video playback as well as answer calls, all for $68.99 a pop in white, black or blue colors if you are interested. Just how tough is it? Well, it has been specially engineered to be IPX-7 waterproof (up to 3.3ft) and dustproof, while an innovative plug-and-play interface allows you to play music on land or in water, with a clear plastic screen protector that comes with UV surface treatment, without sacrificing on the touchscreen capabilities of your device.

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