LeapFrog unveils LeapPad Ultra tablet


leappad-ultraMonkey see, monkey do. That is more or less how the world works, and parents would know that it is not so much what they tell their kids, but rather, how they show it to their kids that the little ones learn. “Do as I say, and not as I do” is one of the most lame excuses ever that adults give children when they want them to learn something good and right, and so, if your little one has been hankering after you for a tablet of their own because he or she sees dad and mum occupied with the iPad or Nexus 7 at the dinner table instead of talking to them, here is an alternative – the LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog. Now, I am definitely not condoning parents to ignore their parenting responsibility by giving their kids tablets, but rather than entrusting your fragile iPad to them, why not get something kid-oriented instead?

The LeapPad Ultra is said to be the ultimate learning tablet for kids, where it is now available for sale online as well as over at major retail locations across the U.S. RIght now, it has shot to the top 10 holiday item list in the U.K., and you will be able to breathe easy knowing that the LeapPad Ultra is tough enough to handle whatever your little one can throw at it, and it will obviously play nice with LeapFrog’s extensive library of over 800 educational games, creativity apps, eBooks, videos, and music among others.

The LeapPad Ultra will come with a breakthrough kid-safe web browser known as LeapSearch, where it is kid-ready right out of the box while offering a quality internet browsing experience which can be trusted by parents. The 7” high-resolution display will help children learn to write using a stylus, all the while supporting interactive touch experiences. Other hardware specifications include a long-lasting rechargeable battery, 8GB of internal memory, and front and back cameras that do video recording to boot. The LeapPad Ultra will retail for $149.99 each.

Product Page via Press Release

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