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mixed-martial-arts-trainerHave you watched the Ip Man movies that featured Donnie Yen? Now that is one fast fist, and I am quite sure that many folks were enthralled by his performance as Ip Man, martial arts grandmaster extraordinary, whose most famous pupil to date was the enigmatic Bruce Lee. Surely you might have thought of picking up one of those wooden martial arts trainer as depicted in the movie in order to help get yourself up to speed in self-defense (and who knows, an opportunity to use what you have learned and save a damsel in distress might just come along). Well, here’s your chance, although it does seem to be more “comfortable” than the wooden one, but I’m quite sure the $7,000 Mixed Martial Arts Trainer is well worth a look if you happen to have the dough for it.

The Mixed Martial Arts Trainer is an interactive mixed martial arts trainer which will challenge users to spar with a video avatar, now how about that? It has been used by professional UFC competitors in the past, and boasts of commercial-grade parts which are capable of handling not only beginners but advanced fighters and athletes as well. Should you have the right know how, then you can design a customized full-body workout thanks to the 22″-high LCD touch screen display. There will be an on-screen coach who will talk you through quick four-minute strike, core, and cardio drills which intend to boost strength and conditioning and refine technique. Alternatively, you can opt to fight the avatar using grappling, wrestling, and jujitsu moves which will simulate a bout in the cage.

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