The Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad


surface-massageYou know how it is when you have had a particularly long and difficult day at work – all you want to do is just to chill out and wish that the aches and pains accumulated from all the office stress goes away. If only you remembered to schedule for that particular massage after office, and you would be better positioned to tackle the week’s work ahead of you. Well, you know the saying, if one cannot go to the mountain, why not bring the mountain to you? With the $199.95 Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad, you will be able to let your tense muscles and aches wilt away, regardless of where you are in your home.

After all, it was not named that for no particular reason at all. No sir, the Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad happens to be one flexible massage pad which offers relaxing, full-body massage on soft or irregular surfaces, and these would include beds, couches, or chairs. It will be different from typical massage pads which will require a kind of solid, unbroken surface in order to work, as this particular bad boy is capable of flexing at four different points, enabling you to drape it over a lounger, chair, or any piece of sitting/reclining furniture. It will come with 20 individual 2″-thick foam-cushioned sections so that you can relax on any surface that is is placed sans pressure points. The pad itself boasts of built-in massaging motors which will target the neck, upper back, lower back, and thighs, and you can control it thanks to the tethered remote. Too bad it can’t serve you beverages at your beck and call.

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