Razer Vespula Double Sided Gaming Mouse Mat With Wrist Pad


razer-vespulaGamers take their game very seriously, and most of the time, they would go all out to ensure that whatever hardware that they use would be of the highest grade possible, ensuring that this particular aspect of their game cannot be blamed in case they fail to perform, which would mean it boils down to skill level in the end. Well, despite the many advancements that were made in the world of gaming mice, optical or laser, having a decent surface for your mouse to travel on would also be equally important. This is where the $34.99 Razer Vespula Double Sided Gaming Mouse Mat With Wrist Pad comes in handy, where it has been touted to be the ultimate gaming mouse mat.

The Razer Vespula Double Sided Gaming Mouse Mat With Wrist Pad, as its name suggests, will be a double-sided mouse mat that sports a speed surface for faster mouse movements, while on the literal flip side, there is a control surface for precise mouse movements, depending on which game you are involved in at the moment, and which aspect you require more in order to turn up triumphant. Not only that, thanks to a memory conformance wrist rest that is filled with gel, you will also ensure that your wrist remains free from injury and fatigue so that you can indulge in longer than ever before gaming sessions.

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art54654 Says: September 20, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Brought a razer vespula mouse matt for £30 within a few weeks it had lost the logo on the wrist rest, the speed side got badly scratched (by a new razer mouse) and then the other matt side the control side started to go bubbly! I did not realise it only had a 6 month warranty and razer refused to help as I waited to long to contact them due to being so busy. I won’t be buying razer again and I would recommend that nobody buys this they expect you to buy two a year at a cost of £60!

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