Moto X Phone – Okay Google Now!



I love my iPhone. Not because I’m an Apple fan-girl, but because I just happen to love technology. I have PC’s and a Mac, and I show no loyalty to one brand or another. I just like whatever it is thats new, cutting edge or just different. I don’t like to involve myself in the politics of it all, and I don’t pay much attention to where the tech comes from, I just like to have a little bit of all of it… and I think I just found my new phone.

Check out the Moto X, Google’s newest “American-made” offering to the smartphone arena, the Moto X promises to be your constant companion, utilizing a permanent listening mode, you need only utter the words “Okay, Google now.” in order to awaken your phone and enquire about the weather, get directions, or call your mother, all without ever touching the phone.

Google’s Moto X is not only pushing the limits of “touch-free” communications, but is exploring the ease and convenience of motion controls as well. Sensors integrated into the phone and linked to the 10 megapixel camera, allow you to quickly initialize it by two vigorous flicks of the wrist, and you can snap away at the action by simply touching any part of the screen.

Did I mention that you’ll be able to select from 18 color options for the back coupled with a black or white front, and seven trim choices. You can also upgrade  memory, put a message on the back of the phone, pick the wallpaper and preconfigure your phone to go with your Google account? Yup. Is this all new? revolutionary? Life altering? I don’t know, but it sure sounds like a cool gadget to me, so I want one. If you do too, check out for more info, or to register for updates.

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