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gocuffWhen it comes to cases for your smartphone, you know for sure that these are dime a dozen out there in the market. The thing is, how do you get a smartphone case that stands out from the rest of the crowd? The GoCuff could very well fit the bill perfectly – it is the first iPhone and Android fitness case of its kind that offers you complete and unhindered access to your phone with but a simple glance or touch. In a nutshell, the GoCuff is the new and improved sport cuff that will empower you to quickly and easily engage with your smartphone without missing a beat. It will be different from all of the other traditional armbands that you would come across, where placement at your wrist and its touch-sensitive screen would pave the way for a more natural method of accessing it when using fitness apps, GPS navigation, answering a call or even checking out the most recent text message.

Touted to be anatomically and ergonomically engineered for majority of us humans out there, it would not restrict your movement at all, since it allows for a full range of motion at the wrist, ranging from running all the way to pushups. Apart from that, it will also let you access your phone’s capability and data regardless of the activity that you are involved in via a PVC touch-sensitive screen. It does not matter if you are jiving with the iPhone, a handset from Samsung or HTC – they will all play nice with the GoCuff.

Should it actually gain enough financial backing from the masses, it will arrive in a trio of sizes – namely small, medium and large. Not only that, it will play nice with Strava, MapMyFitness and Nike+, while you can preview GoPro video and photo instantly using the appropriate app. The GoCuff will also be able to track elevation gain and GPS while you ski or snowboard, while doing away with the need for supplemental GPS on a motorcycle to boot. Should its Kickstarter goal be met, the production timeline for overseas markets would occur sometime in mid-Sept to mid-Oct 2013, and Kickstarter backers would ideally be able to receive their respective GoCuffs in early November.

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