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Infrared Supine Sauna


It goes without saying that rewarding yourself for a job well done is essential in keeping your self-esteem up, and it could also provide the impetus to perform even better down the road. Let’s just say that you received a nice, big fat commission from the boss, and would like to splurge a little bit at home. Instead of purchasing a new car, or making that long overdue renovation to your house, how about settling for the $14,000 Infrared Supine Sauna? No longer do you need to go to the local club and pay to use their sauna facilities, as with the Infrared Supine Sauna, you can enjoy your very own sauna sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Not only that, since this is a personal sauna unit, you need not carry out conversations with complete strangers, and your privacy is assured. All you need to do is lie in a comfortable supine position as the infrared lamps within will provide deep penetrating, soothing heat. The sauna itself is gently sloped in order for you to place your legs slightly above the heart, which is always the more relaxed position. A quartet of infrared lamps will generate enough heat that can penetrates deep into tissue, where it increases subcutaneous temperature by up to 2º F to relieve swelling and improve the mobility of tendons and ligaments. Within the sauna bed surface itself lies 440 jade stones, which will be used to relax the nervous system. Could this be one of the rare purchases that you can make without angering your other half?

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