Kid O Magnatab


kid-o-magnatabAll work and no play makes Jack (as well as Jane in this politically correct age) a dull boy, and just in case you were wondering what kind of gift you want to give to your little one for his or her birthday, here is a clue. Forget about video game consoles or anything electronic, since these tend to make your little one use less of his or her imagination, but rather, it will make the mind lazy. How about exploring their creative side with the $22.99 Kid O Magnatab? This unique toy, so to speak, comes with a magnetic stylus that is capable of pulling beads up to create lines, and it will be a decent way to help kids learn how to hold a writing tool.

If your kid makes a mistake, fret not – erasing is easily done with the tip of your finger. The Kid O Magnatab is one great educational toy that will do a decent job of teaching your kids in writing all the letters of the alphabet, and as they write, the lines will start to fill in with silver beads so that they will be able to keep track of whether they are on the right path or not.

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