Das Keyboard delivers Radio Frequency Blocking Bags


prism-matrixWe all do value our privacy these days, but then again, there are moments when our privacy gets invaded – through no fault of our own, but rather, because the technology is there, and so is the know how, and more importantly, the malicious intent that lies behind it. Das Keyboard knows what a predicament it can be should your personal information get stolen, which is why they have come up with the innovative Das Keyboard HackShield Backpack as well as Messenger Bags that will feature RF (Radio Frequency) blocking technology and anti-theft access security in order to help safeguard your electronic devices and personal data within.

You might think at first, what is a company like Das Keyboard, who is better off making its high-performance mechanical keyboards so that ordinary folk like you and I are able to type faster while increasing our respective productivity levels, doing with man bags? I suppose we have no complaints after hearing out that they are branching into a totally new product category by rolling out its highly secure, radio frequency blocking bags. These will be known as the Das Keyboard HackShield bags, being the company’s one-of-a-kind backpack and messenger bags which will empower professionals who are always moving around and living out of a suitcase to enjoy an unprecedented level of protection against physical and digital intrusion.

In Das Keyboard’s quest to come up with what they call the perfect backpack, the end result is one which will offer better protection for an individual’s electronic devices against physical theft, in addition to delivering a new layer of security against illegitimate location tracking and digital pick-pockets who roam for meta data and other private information. The HackShield backpack and messenger bags will not have any exterior pockets for pick-pockets to have a field day with, and even the main compartment for each bag will come protected with Fidlock fasteners for anti-theft access security. Apart from that, the internal pockets have been specially lined with HackShield RF blocking material that will function as a “dead zone” around electronic devices so that it can prevent potential hacking attempts.

The Das Keyboard HackShield backpack and messenger bags will be available at $179 a pop.

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