Ball Returning Soccer Trainer

ball-returning-trainerSo, I am quite sure that many of us who follow the world of football (soccer for those living in the US) in the current summer transfer window would be twiddling their fingers anxiously, wondering whether Gareth Bale would actually make the jump to Real Madrid for what would possibly be a new world record transfer fee of 100 million Euros. Well, as you dream about your kid making it big on the world soccer stage so that you can be his manager and start living a jet-setting lifestyle, perhaps providing him with the right tools to practice consistently would be a good idea. Enter the $99.95 Ball Returning Soccer Trainer, which is a two-in-one soccer net that allows a player spend more time perfecting his or her game, instead of using the bulk of that time to retrieve balls.

The Ball Returning Soccer Trainer comes with a sturdy steel frame that has been shaped like an X, where one side of it has been draped with a curved net. Whenever you kick a ball into this area, it will naturally follow an upward arc, before it rebounds with spin and height. This would mean one has to trap and control the ball before taking the next kick, inadvertently developing the fancy skills that are required of a professional. On the reverse side of the trainer, you will find that it comes covered with a taut, vertical net which is capable of absorbing most of the ball’s impact before returning it, so that you have an ideal surface to practice your shots on goal as well as one-touch heading and passing drills.