Wootch is a child locator hidden inside of a watch


Being a parent is a lot of work. There are times where you need a few extra hands, and another pair of eyes. Unfortunately, if you don’t have anyone else around, extra appendages are hard to come by. Thankfully, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can help with some of the issues that can come up while trying to raise a child (or two).

If you’ve ever taken your child out to the store, and lost sight of them, you truly understand what it means to panic. Despite being a good parent and keeping constant watch over them, children can disappear around a corner in the blink of an eye. This type of scenario is exactly what the Wootch was created.

The Wootch looks like nothing more than a brightly-colored digital watch for children. However, it’s more than just a portable timepiece. The watch also houses a Bluetooth transmitter that will talk to your smartphone, and let you know exactly where your child is. Should they get more than 16 feet away, you will actually get an alert on your phone, letting you know that they’ve wandered off too far. Finally, there’s a “FindMe” button, that your child can press, that sends an alert to your phone.

I think that this concept is brilliant. Sure, some people will say that good parents won’t ever lose track of their children, but those people are simply underestimating how sneaky a kid can really be. What I think is so great is that the device is hidden in plain sight as a watch. All you need to do is get your child in the habit of wearing their watch whenever you take them out of the house. And should the worst happen and someone abducts a child wearing one of these, they won’t think to remove the watch, so there’s a better chance of the child hitting the “FindMe” button, and being found quickly. You can get your own by funding the IndieGoGo project, and pledging just $30.


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Autism Mummy Says: August 1, 2013 at 1:25 am

Fantastic idea for those of who have children with Autism! Kids with Autism commonly wander away and this would be a great device to alert you within minutes. We all know it takes just a second and they are gone as soon as you turn your back – this is a great invention for a little piece of mind!

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