Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable Console


Do you remember growing up in the 1980s and the early 1990s? The Nintendo NES did take the world by storm, where it popularized the home videogame console genre, sending the Atari 2600 into the consumer electronics retirement home along the way. One thing about the NES was its library of games that definitely appealed to a wide range of gamers, and it opened up the imaginations of millions of kids, too. When the SNES arrived on the scene to succeed where the NES left off, Sega’s Genesis has delivered 16-bit gaming goodness for quite some time already, and with the $54.99 Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable Console, you can roll back the years by enjoying 80 pre-loaded games right out of the box.

The Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable Console comes with TV-Out capability, not to mention an internal battery that delivers anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of gameplay on a full charge. This means you can just tote around this little puppy without worrying about removing those mint looking carts from your video game collection at home. Some of the games include Altered Beast, the Golden Axe trilogy, and Sonic the Hedgehog I and II, just to mention a few. Games will be played off the SD memory card, and you can once again settle the score with your mate over a round of Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition or Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.

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