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In this day and age, those of us who are seemingly stuck in the proverbial rat race would need to find our own ways of winding down, or at the very least, lowering the amount of stress in our lives through various means, be they exercising, indulging in a hobby, or even going for a nice, long holiday at a tropical island somewhere. Well, perhaps there is something else that you might want to look into – the ReLax Kit which is said to be able to monitor the wearer’s brain waves and body posture among others. The ReLax Kit delivers advanced bio-signal tracking, where this would pave the way for users to monitor and manage their stress levels. Not only that, the ultra-compact bio-sensor is diminutive enough to stash away without looking too conspicuous. Armed with an easy-to-use app, the kit itself can assist users to gain control over their stress levels.

If one were to be more exact, the ReLax Kit has been specially geared towards those who are attempting to gauge their stress levels in a simplified and visual manner, and these can include even students (yes, you don’t know just how much stress students go through these days), office workers, and yoga and meditation enthusiasts. The ReLax Kit’s bio-sensor is versatile enough, it is capable of monitoring facial muscle tension, body posture, and brain waves regardless of what time of the day it is, and whether you are sleeping or getting a spot of meditation in.

Not only that, the kit’s app will also be able to display compiled brain wave and facial muscle wave data, all presented in an easy-to-read color-coded graph. With but a glance at the graph, one is able to quickly determine one’s stress levels. It might take time, but with enough experience and practice, one will be able to figure out how to control or influence the output toward a desired direction. Apart from that, the ReLax Kit’s app will also show off a visual history of a user’s body posture, which would come in handy to raise one’s poor posture awareness. The ReLax Kit can be pre-ordered for $47 a pop.

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