Mario Kart 7 – Drift IR


Nintendo certainly had a good thing going with their Mario Kart series that kicked off on the SNES, and the karting genre never really looked back after that. In fact, Super Mario Kart opened up the world to interesting possibilities as Mode 7 on the SNES offered gamers a totally different way of looking at games. Many a time, I am quite sure that you have argued with your friend over whether who is correct in a certain situation, and since the both of your are gentlemen, there is only one way to resolve this – through a round of Mario Kart! However, there are times when you do not have access to an emulator or a working SNES, which is where this Mario Kart 7 – Drift IR comes in handy, sporting multi-direction steering with drifting action. Depending on the character you choose (Mario, Luigi, or Donkey Kong), it retails from $29.99 to $84.99.

At least you need not spend your time trying to invent high-octane mini cars and blue spiked shells with wings and homing capabilities from scratch, as the Nintendo R/C Mario Kart! Control is all you need. Sporting variable channels for racing with friends, you can be sure that life will never be the same again, although you would need some talent to ensure that whatever course you have set up will be fair and challenging at the same time.

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