Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate


Star Trek fans, you know that one of the most deadly enemies that the Federation has ever faced were the Borg, and if their technological superiority does not win you over eventually, surely the monotonous monologue of “Resistance is futile” will wear out anyone hearing them after some time. Well, since the Borg are more feared than respected, you might want to send the same cold chill down your colleagues’ spines by placing this $12.99 Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate at your workplace.

This is a mini Borg cube that was specially deisgned to sit on your monitor, where it serves as a reminder to the higher authorities on how much of a drone you are. It is rather comforting to know that this particular Borg cube does not hold millions of tiny nanoprobes, and neither will it come into life after office hours to assimilate you into the Borg Collective. The thing is, it would have been cooler if there was a motion sensor built in to spew out the words, “Resistance is futile” whenever someone drops by your place, but I guess we can’t ask too much for $12.99 now, can we?

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