Morninghead is the oddly-named cure for bed head


There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that shower at night, and those that shower in the morning. (Okay, there are those who don’t really shower at all, but we’re going to assume that you’re not one of these people.) I’m not much of a morning person, so I like to wait until the last possible minute to wake up. The problem with showering the night before is of course, bed head.

So how do you fix bed head? The most natural solution is to take a shower. If you did that the night before, then you simply have to wet your hair, and try to get it under control. Now if you don’t like a shower first thing in the morning, water dripping down your neck and back from your hair is still going to be unpleasant. What you need, is Morninghead.

Morninghead is a strange-looking shower cap, that does the exact opposite of what a regular shower cap does. Instead of keeping your hair dry, you fill it up with water, and use it to get your hair nice and wet. It uses a super-absorbent material, so that you can load it up with a lot of water, and not have it drip everywhere when you turn it over. Then, just put it on your head, and rub it around to get your head nice and damp. Take it off, and style it as needed.

This is a really simple product, and is likely more useful for those with shorter hair, as long hair tends to be easier to deal with when dry. You can pick one up for yourself for $8, or get a five-pack for $20.

Source: OhGizmo

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