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Memo Mug is your traveling whiteboard


Don’t you hate those times when you think of something important, but you don’t have anything to write it down on? Sure, a lot of people have sticky notes at their desk, but what if you’re out, or maybe you’re in the break room at work? Why not just use something that you’re always going to have with you in the office? That’s right, I’m talking about your coffee mug.


If you’re someone that can’t go without your morning (and sometimes afternoon) cup of Joe, then you might enjoy this Memo Mug. This mug is similar to most, except that it has two special features. One is a flat side for jotting down little messages (or doodling, if that’s your thing) and a place to store a dry-erase marker. Otherwise, it is just your average, ordinary ceramic coffee mug.

This $15 mug might not be the most practical way to keep track of important information, however, it could make for a great office gag gift. If you know someone who always seems to be absent-minded, this could be a fun little way to make sure they remember to put the new cover sheets on those TPS reports.


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cmorgan Says: July 26, 2013 at 2:49 pm

They have totally missed their REAL market niche! That is, everyone from the age of 40 upwards, as we (either through too many distractions or “senior moments”) begin to find that ideas go through our minds-and keep right on going! This is invaluable around the home too-WRITE DOWN why you are going into the next room, before you get there and can’t remember!

And great for parents-kids can write down the messages their parents need to know or remember BEFORE they get their first shot of caffeine in the morning.

This is the new Chia Pet-EVERYone needs one!

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