Maclocks MacBook Air Lock Bracket Kit introduced


Whenever you go out to your favorite coffee haunt, or are simply chilling out at a bistro or bar that has free Wi-Fi connectivity, surely there are moments when you bring your work along with you. With the MacBook Air from Apple being one of the more popular notebooks to tote around simply because of its super slim design as well as lightweight form factor, it is not a good idea to leave your MacBook Air lying on the table where you are seated (especially if you are alone) while you head off to the washroom to relieve yourself. After all, you can never quite tell just when someone has cast a jealous eye on your MacBook Air and have been looking for an opportunity to relieve you of it when you are not around. Enter the MacBook Air Lock Bracket Kit from Maclocks.

The MacBook Air Lock Bracket Kit works as it says – it is a cutting-edge discreet bracket lock that offers MacBook Air users with an additional and unique method to secure your extremely slim MacBook Air. This is made possible thanks to an inconspicuous super-slim ultra-light solution which will not make your MacBook Air’s sleek design look out of place.

Made out of high-grade aerospace aluminum bracket, it has been specially designed with the patented “Wedge” security slot. The Wedge Security Cable (also touted to come along with the slimmest locking head in the world, and you are definitely free to dispute that claim) will feature a 360-degree rotational locking head which paves the way for a full range of motion, all the while holding the secured device firmly and in place. The super slim bracket measures a mere 1mm thin, and it tips the scales at under 0.1lb, now how about that? You can fasten it to the bottom of the MacBook Air easily using its own original four screw holes. The new MBA Lock Bracket Kit will arrive in 11″ and 13″ sizes, where placing a pre-order for either will cost you $69.95.

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