Vibration Alarm Dress Watch


Are you the kind that wears watches to tell the time, or you have become part of the 21st century office workforce who has no need for a watch other than to accessorize your dressing, considering how just about every single digital device out there comes with a built-in clock function? Well, if you still think more traditionally and want to add a new watch to your collection, how about checking out the $149.95 Vibration Alarm Dress Watch? This particular timepiece will be different from most of the vibrating alarm watches out there which tend to carry a sporty design, as it sports an elegant look instead.

We are talking about a gleaming stainless steel case, art deco details, and rose-colored gold tone analog hands, ensuring you look your best no matter the occasion. Not only that, you are able to seht the Vibration Alarm Dress Watch with up to five different alarms in order to wake you up – all without waking the others, since it gets the job done via vibration. There is a large LCD display located right below the dial which will digitally display the alarm settings. Each time the alarm goes off, the watch will pulse with half a dozen two-second vibrations which should be vigorous enough to wake you up, all without annoying anyone else. I sure hope it comes with a snooze function!

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