Floating Cooler Fridge lets your cold drinks float next to you

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to relax in a pool, or even the ocean. There’s just something about the cool water on your skin while you feel the sun’s rays beating down upon your face. Whether you’re swimming laps, or just chilling out with some friends, it’s a great way to spend your day. Until you realize that you’ve got nothing cold nearby to quench your thirst. If only you had a container to keep them in, that you could bring into the water with you.

This 30 Qt Cooler Floating Fridge from Wow Sports is exactly what you need to beat the summer heat. Rather than trying to clumsily position a cooler on some floatation device, this one is built-in. And unlike other coolers, the top stays on with a zipper. This makes sure that the precious cargo doesn’t end up at the bottom of the pool, river, or ocean.

The cooler is constructed from heavy-gauge PVC with thick sidewalls and a double-layered padded bottom. These should go a long way in making sure that your beverages stay cold. As for the one you’re drinking, you can set it in one of the four convenient cup holders. At a price of $46, I’d say that this is a must-have for any trip to the lake, or even for lounging around your pool in the back yard.