Cutaway Enterprise Model lets you see what’s under the hood of your favorite starship


If you were a geeky kid growing up in the 60’s, you probably fell in love with a certain Sci-Fi show called Star Trek. While it wasn’t the first space adventure to be aired, this five-year mission (that only aired for 3) managed to capture a spirit that had never been seen before. And now, nearly half a century later, kids and adults alike are still wishing that they could sit in the captain’s chair and chase down some Klingons. Well, if you count yourself among these, then I have something interesting for you to look at today.

While you aren’t going to sit yourself down in the same chair that Kirk did, you will get a very unique look at the original USS Enterprise. While there have been plenty of toys and models in the past, this is definitely one of the more unique ones offered. Rather than just seeing the grey exterior hull, you’ll notice that some areas are covered by clear plastic. Through this you can see various details about the original ship. Unfortunately you can’t see the entirety of the ship, but rather just the areas that have already been replaced with clear plastic.

The Star Trek Enterprise Cutaway Model measures 18” long, and stands 8” high. As you might imagine, something with this much detail work is an officially licensed product. This bit of Star Trek fandom is indeed licensed, and it has the price tag to prove it. If you’ve always wanted to get an up-close and personal look at the inner workings of a starship, then this $175 item may be exactly what you need. Just remember, when anyone asks, it’s a “collector’s item” and not a “toy”.


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