Pac-Man Plush With Sound


Everyone loves Pac-Man – wait a minute here, was it supposed to be Raymond? Nah, not really – at least not in this particular case. Everyone loves Pac-Man, never mind that you fed that arcade machine tons of quarters during your younger days, you still failed to master the game and it was always Blinky, Pinky, Inky or Clyde who got you eventually because of a lack of skill on your side. Well, now that you are all grown up, you still have not mastered the game, but at the very least your bank account is a whole lot healthier than when you were getting a weekly allowance from mom or dad. This gives you the means to pick up the $19.99 Pac-Man Plush With Sound.

Pac-Man is not just a yellow orb with a triangle for a mouth, but basically, he remains a fearsome warrior as long as he has the Power Pill in his tummy, allowing him to glow a ghastly blue and sending that quartet of ghosts packin’ in fear. Pac-Man has not only survived on pellets, a pittance of fruit servings as well as electronic ditties for decades, and is still going strong. The Pac-Man Plush With Sound could do with a hug, and in return, he makes a sound.

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