Luxi turns your iPhone into a photographer’s light meter

There are a lot of factors that go into taking a great picture. You need a good subject, background, lighting, equipment, and the right angle. Of course, probably the most important thing to have is a good eye for photography. It’s amazing how a small change in your angle, or a few tweaked settings on your camera can make all the difference. But even the best eyes can’t see everything. Which is why it’s good to have a little help from your tools.

This Luxi Status Indicator is a small light diffusion dome that can be used with your iPhone. When you place it over the phone’s front-facing camera, it will be able to work with a special light meter app to give you the perfect settings for your DSLR. Once you hold it up next to your subject, you’ll be able to get a readout on the settings you’ll want to use on the camera. It will give you shutter speed, ISO, and aperture settings for you to use.

There are light meter apps on the market, however, the Luxi’s diffusion dome is what will make the difference when you’re using it. It should give a more accurate reading of the light. The small accessory doesn’t come with a big price, either. Just $25 will get you on the pre-order list. Yours will ship in 4-8 weeks.

Source: ChipChick