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Do you happen to live in a country or geographical location where there is plenty of rain all year around? Of course, drizzles are fine and dandy, but when such rain is accompanied by heavy winds, it makes life a whole lot trickier, especially when you get around on foot a whole lot. The reason I say this is because, wind tends to play havoc with your umbrella, where strong winds especially will tend to make short work of some of the more flimsy umbrellas. The $79.95 Crowd Safe Wind Defying Umbrella is special in a sense where this is a patented umbrella that boasts of unique flexing blunt tips which will not get in the way of other pedestrians who are equally desperate to find some shelter.

This is different from standard issue umbrellas that have protruding metal tips, as it will tuck its tips safely within the scalloped edges of its canopy. Apart from that, these reinforced pouches will also do its bit to enable the umbrella to withstand wind, where it works in tandem with the floating, telescopic ribs and double struts, helping distribute tension across the entire 43″-diameter canopy, where it can mitigate inversion even in gusts that are measured up to 70mph. Made out from stormproof polyester, the lightweight stick umbrella boasts of a straight handle with a rubberized grip, and a convenient carrying strap.

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Jerry Danzig Says: July 22, 2013 at 8:26 am

Interesting, but at more than twice the price of an ordinary wind-defying umbrella, I think I’ll risk poking another pedestrian!

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