Computer smart enough to go toe-to-toe with a 4-year-old


Just how smart can computers get? Will we ever see the kind of apocalyptic future tushered in by the Red Queen of Resident Evil fame, or will an equivalent of Skynet eventually come and bite us in our rear end? How about HAL9000 and its homicidal tendencies? I am quite pleased to report that computers have yet to achieve such levels of audacity in terms of intelligence, but there has been progress somewhat. Artificial and natural knowledge researchers at the University of Illinois (UIC) at Chicago claim to have tested one of the best AI systems out there just to see how smart it really is, and it turned out to rank on a scale that is that of the average 4-year old. Yes, you can all return to your normal lives now, as there is nothing quite like the looming threat of an evil computer AI hell bent on destroying mankind just because it sees us as a “virus”.

ConceptNet 4 basically did extremely well on a vocabulary test and on its ability to recognize similarities, but it underperformed when it came to comprehension­ on ‘why’ questions, which makes perfect sense. After all, one of the most difficult issues in constructing an AI would be to work on it being able to arrive at sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts, which is what we humans like to call, common sense. Looks like the looming AI apocalypse is still far away.

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